Speakers Roman Nestor

Ph.D. Master of Medicine. Gnatholog.
Founder, Chief Doctor of International Medical and Educational Center of Gnathology NESTORCLINIC® (KaVo, Gendex, Leica reference clinic, Straumann gold provider, Stella International Beauty Awards Laureate 2018)
Chief Doctor of the Reformed Municipal Non-Profit Enterprise “Dental Clinic No. 4”;
President of the International Organization “Club of Young Dentist”;
Moderator of prosthetic department in the Ukrainian Academy of Periodontology.
Member of International Team for Implantology.
Member of the National Union of Dentistry of Ukraine.
The author of articles and publications in specialized editions on the direction of prosthetic dentistry.

Prosthetic construction design as risk factor for periimplantitis

Looking deeper into the etiology of periimplantitis one can notice one interesting pattern. Inflammatory-infectious processes are progressing much faster under presence of additional reasons of periimplantitis beside the main ones. And all these factors are caused by one iatrogenic background which is caused by design of prosthetic constructions. Retention zones of dangling edges of restorations, not adequate design of critical and subcritical cutting edge, inappropriate height of intermediate part, inappropriate pontics design, materials used in marginal region and quality of materials’ treatment, and, what is the most important, implant position as a key factor of initial situation for prosthetic reconstruction. All theses elements combined with lack of time for proper planning, become huge obstacle on the way to healthy periimplant tissues and consequently oral cavity and all body finally. Presentation contains many long term clinical cases, protocol decisions and expert team approach at not standard situations.

Roman Nestor

Roman Nestor