Speakers Tamara Volinska

Highest category Dentist, Periodontist, Candidate of Medical Sciences, member of Ukrainian Society of Periodontists, trainer at School of Practical Periodontics, opinion-leader of Hu-Friedy, certified trainer for the Plasmolifting Company in Eastern Europe. Works at Dubnova’s Clinic “STOMATOLOGiYA”, Kiev.

Treatment of peri-implant mucositis. Role of mechanical and chemical methods.

Healthy periimplant tissues - that’s the key factor of successful implantation. Lack of adequate control of oral hygiene can lead to massive accumulation of plaque and biofilm. This is one of the main reasons of soft tissues inflammation. This presentation will discover etiology and pathogenesis of periimplant mucositis, its diagnostics and differentiative diagnostics with periimplantitis and also main methods of treatment - like using implakers and titanium curretas, ultrasound and sound devices, peculiarities of air-abrasive treatment in implant region, photodynamic therapy. Also comparative characteristics of evidence based antiseptics and other antibacterial medicines, hyaluronic acid used for mucositis treatment will be discussed.

Tamara Volinska

Tamara Volinska