Speakers Viktor Kryzhanovskyi

Specialist in general and dental surgery. Main fields of practice: prosthodontics and dental surgery, surgical periodontics, implantology. 19 years experience of dental practice. Private practice in Kyiv. Founder of PerioCenter Project . Main interests — aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of patients with dental diseases of oral cavity.

Maintenance therapy for patients with dental implants

Obviously, there is nothing better than natural tooth and no prosthesis can replace natural organ completely. But today using dental implants in everyday practice is the best solution for missing teeth replacement. Dental implant supported prosthetic constructions  have proved their efficiency for immediate and delayed result. Dental implants are different, they differ in form and material and construction. Prosthetic constructions on implants also differ dramatically. So how should hygienist or periodontists treat as patients with dental implants? How should one make diagnostics and interpret diagnostic data, which hygienic procedures can be performed in the implant region? When potential of conservative methods is over and it is necessary to start surgical treatment?

Viktor Kryzhanovskyi

Viktor Kryzhanovskyi