Speakers Yuriy Obukhivskiy

Dental surgeon, member of International Team of Implantologists (ITI SK Kiev Study Club), member of Implantology Association, Periodontology Association, Ukrainian Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry.

1999 – graduated from dental faculty of Lviv State University. 2001­ — 2207 worked at Avicenna clinic (Khmelnitsky).

2003 – received certificate of specialist in dental surgery.

2007­ — 2008 – worked in Parodent clinic (Lviv). From 2009 – works in Dubnova Dentistry clinic (Kiev).

Provides theoretical and hands­on workshops for beginners and also presentations and workshops in ‘Ukrainian School of practical dentistry’ in periodontal surgery and muco- gingival surgery in impalntology. Gives lectures at congresses and seminars and scientific publications in specialized literature.

He follows the philosophy of predictable dentistry, which grounds on evidence­based medicine.

Role of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of peri-implant soft tissues for periimplantitis prophylaxis

Surgical dentistry has become extremely actual treatment method nowadays and it based not only upon resective strategies. Era of regenerative therapy let us restore lost tissues even in the most complicated cases. Dental implantation protocol which we normally use every day does not allow to prepare healthy teeth. Anyway we should consider risks of implant treatment  (including periimplantitis) and to prevent and manage complications. With understanding of tissue biological background, we can prognose possibility of their restoration with expected esthetic result. That is why it is necessary to consider soft tissues quantitative and qualitative characteristics in the process of implant treatment in order to ensure adequate management with prognosed healing and long term stability. Restoration of natural gingival architecture makes it possible to maintain good oral hygiene and this is important prerequisite of periimplantitis prevention. Evidence based and time proved medicine let us make wright prognosis regarding treatment result.

Yuriy Obukhivskiy

Yuriy Obukhivskiy