About congress

20 years passed from the date of absolutely new initiative – First East European Congress of Dental Implantation. We were first and we still are the leaders as we offer the newest achievements and methods concentrated into three parallel streams: Implantology, Surgical Periodontology, Prosthodontics. Jubilee 10th IMPLANTCONGRESS – this is one more step into the future of dental science and practice.

10th IMPLANTCONGRESS – this is one more step into the future of dental science and practice. Усе найновіше, найпрогресивніше зосереджене у фокусній темі конференції ― «Імплантологія як філософія». Ми маємо безцінний досвід, унікальні знання і хочемо поділитися цим з Вами. Творимо історію української імплантології разом!

20 years together!

East European Congress of Dental Implantation – this is a story of success, which begins in 2002. Brave idea, first initiated by Ukrainian Implantology Association and its president – Myron Uhryn. This Congress finally turned to be not only absolutely novel activity, but changed direction of Ukrainian implantology, gave her access to international level and become famous and popular among world leaders.

Scientific leaders of this event become professor Chantal Malevez (Belgium), professor Karl Karnberg (Sweden) and many other world known scientists, who understood importance of development and big potential of this direction in young independent country.

We raised the limits very high from the very beginning

Every next congress every two-year become more and more numerous. Our speakers are always world known specialists. For the last 20 years we hosted several dozens of world leaders who shared their experience with Ukrainian doctors. Among them Pascal valentine, Filippo Fontana, Christoph Hammerle, Niklaus Lang, Carlo Maiorana, Domenico Massironi, Andrea Mombelli, Oleg Nashtatik, Ronald Jung, Stefano Palmieri, Giulio Rasperini, Andrea Ricci, Frank Ronouard, Anton Sculean, Kshyshtof Sliwowskiy, Enrico Steger, Istvan Urban, Giovanni Zukelli, Otto Zuhr and more and more specialists from all over the world.

In the center of attention

First congresses were concentrated on the problems of implant placement. Further practice showed that implantologists need also knowledge in other fields of dentistry. We analyzed the situation and realized new concept ‘three-in-one’ and now our congress had three parallel streams. Starting from 2007 we organized specialized symposiums for prosthetic dentists and dental technicians, dental hygienists, periodontologists, dentists’ assistants, dental clinic front-desk, young doctors and scientists and also numerous workshops. Multidisciplinary approach as a strategy of successful implantation become a key factor of philosophy of implant treatment.

In 2019 we organized additionally symposium for anesthesia and sedation in dentistry and Pre-congress of dental education questions.


Today we are on the new quality level. Congress scientific concept is concentrated onto the most actual and important topics and is constantly changing and developing. What is never changing – our tradition to go with time and keep to actual demands of innovative implantology.
We are open to the world, open to new knowledge!