Andrzej Zimny

Graduated Medical Academy in Lublin , Poland and passed Internship in Lublin Dental Clinic, Poland.
2000-2007 Working in Poland as Dentist
2007-2021 Private Practice in Ireland
Owner of Luxmed Dental Clinic in Dublin, Ireland

1998-till present - General Dental Council in Poland
2008 – 2017 - General Dental Council in IRELAND
2007-till present - Irish Dental Association
2007-2009 - Medical Defense Union United Kingdom
2010-2015 - Dental Protection United Kingdom
2018 – till present - AIOLA ITALY International Dental Academy of Lasers.
Attended a number of trainings and workshops.
From 2014 working as a speaker and hands on table clinic instructor.
Special interest in Implants, Nanocolloid Silver and Splinting techniques with Polyaramide, overdenture attachments and post-core solutions.