Yuriy Gundiak

Graduated from Ivano-Frankivsk State Medical University in 2009.
Actively works in private practice from 2010 on as prosthodontist.
Founder and head of Dynasty dental clinic.
Finished complete training course ‘Precision in esthetics in practical prosthodontics’ by Domenico Massirony (Melegano, Milano, Italy), annual one-week training in Domenico Massironi clinic, practical training Perio Prosthetic by Carlo Ghezzi (Milano, Italy), practical training «Aesthetic protocols direct, indirect restorations» Alessandro Conti (Alessandria Mi Italy) and «Photography in dentistry» Luca Pasoletti (Udine, Italy).
Active member of Massirony Study Club from 2013, where he received an award for the fastest professional growth in 2017.
Member of many educational programs and internet societies.
From 2016 gives courses and lectures in Ukraine and abroad.
Founder of Dynasty Study Center.
11 years experience of using surgery microscopes, among them 7 years in prosthetic dentistry.

Title of presentation

Complex patients rehabilitation, team approach