Speakers Myron Uhryn

1984–1985 — internship in Mykolaiv Central Regional Hospital. From 1984 practice dental implantation. From 1986– teacher at Prosthetic Dentistry Department of Lviv State Medical University. In 2007 became Candidate of Medicine on the topic «Experimental and clinical evaluation of the dental implants usage of own design». From 2008 — assistant professor of Prosthetic Dentistry Department of Lviv State Medical University. From 1991 till now– chief doctor of The Centre For Dental Implantation And Prosthetic Dentistry “MM”. Honorary president of Ukrainian Dental Implantologists Association, past-President of Ukrainian Association of Privately Practicing Dentists, past-President of Ukrainian Dental Association, Member of EAO, AO, ICOI, Honorary member of Polish Implantology Association OSIS, founder of M. Uhryn charitable foundation for children with inborn teeth absence, cancer patients and old patients, since 2010 — ambassador ІСОІ in Ukraine. President of National Ukrainian Dental Society.

Organizer of international East-European congresses of dental implantation. Founder and publisher of journal of dentistry “Dentistry News”, “Implantology. Periodontоlogy. Osteology”, “Orthodontics World”, “Paedodontics and Preventive Dentistry”, member of editorial board of journals “Dental implantology and surgery”, “Dentistry Messenger”, “Problems of Osteology”, “Dental Journal”, “Implantoprotetyka”, “Dental Forum”, “Magazyn stomatologiczny”. Author of numerous publications, lectures at national and international congresses, 2 books on dental implantation, 2 recommendation manuals, scientific editor of 3 books. 2005 — ICOI educational award, 2008 — honorary award of Ukrainian Ministry Cabinet for important contribution into development of national dentistry. In 2009 was assigned a title “Honorary Doctor of Ukraine”.

Evolution of implantology

Dental implantation become an important part of prosthetic rehabilitation from 80s of XX century on. Scientific and technical progress introduced novel decisions into this branch of dentistry and influenced considerably its development during last decades.

This presentation will define main stages of implant treatment development in Ukraine.

Myron Uhryn

Myron Uhryn